Corporate Identity Design

Corporate Identity
Whether you’re an established business or an entrepreneur just getting started with running a new business, it is essential to think seriously about your business image.

What is business image?
Essentially, this is the perception or message that your business communicates to your current and potential customers via all your marketing channels  including business card, website, social media, letterhead, exhibition material, advertising, etc.

At the centre of your business image will be your logo which is often the first thing a customer sees. I’m sure you’d agree that it’s vital for your logo to project the professionalism and quality that you want to be associated with your business.

With this in mind, it is worth asking yourself or your colleagues the following questions:

1. Does my business have a professional look and feel about it?

2. Does my business image instil confidence in my customers?

3. Is my business image appropriate to my market sector?

4. Will the logo reproduce well on the range of media I intend to use now and in the future?

Why Design & Image?
With years of corporate identity design experience behind us, our graphic designers understand the importance of branding and the impact it has on customer perceptions. A corporate identity goes way beyond the creation of a logo. The implementation of an identity is every bit as important as the logo itself. We will work with you to create a unique and effective corporate identity that will work across all mediums. Your new corporate identity will help your business to become easily recognisable as well as communicate your desired brand qualities.

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