Leaflets and Brochure Design

Leaflet DesignWhen thinking about your future marketing campaigns, it is important to focus on what you want to achieve. If you know your objective, then it’s considerably easier to plan your campaign more successfully.

Leaflets and brochures are excellent marketing tools, but are generally used in different ways.

A leaflet or flyer delivers messages about your products and services in a direct way to your current and potential customers perhaps as part of direct mail campaign or a local leaflet drop. A well designed leaflet will bring out the main points quickly and clearly, so that your target audience can make a quick decision. Too much information and your sales message could be lost!

On the other hand, a brochure is designed to engage with your customers. Brochures tend to provide the opportunity to communicate more information about your business and what it offers. A well designed brochure tends to be kept as a point of reference and acts as an excellent support tool for your on-line presence creating greater trust between you and your customer.

Our graphic designers will create your corporate materials in line with your objectives:

  • increased brand awareness
  • improved product/service knowledge in your target market
  • greater trust between you and your customers
  • an incentive for customers to buy

Remember, if your printed materials look great, then so will your business.

To view examples of our work, please click on the ‘leaflet design’ tab in our portfolio.
We also design posters, stationery, catalogues and books.

To discuss your leaflets and brochure design requirements, please call our design studio on 015242 73987. You may also contact Design & Image via the website at Graphic Design Services.